Hosting, CDN & SAAS

Fuel your website with the best hosting

A great website is only as good as the hosting it is on. We have our own hosting network to ensure the smooth running of your website. Every website and database is backed up on a nightly basis INCLUDED free of charge. We believe in the smooth running of your website, so it NEEDS to be backed up for fast restore in case something goes wrong. We make your website bulletproof.

High volume burst traffic needs to be catered for. So for promotions, ad campaigns, viral stories or anything else, just call us even if it is more than your traffic allowance we will ensure your website keeps functioning. You can seamlessly move between traffic tariffs. Up or DOWN! Why pay for what you are not using.

Different website solutions require different hosting server types

Shared Servers - Great for small business

Shared servers are perfect for small websites. 1-10 pages of static (non-changing) content or small WordPress/Umbraco websites. They provide the perfect balance of cost vs performance. Unlike most providers, our shared hosting has backups included! Unfortunately, there is some bad news, we only provide shared hosting to our own clients to maintain the integrity of the network.

Poor website delivery speeds cause people to leave your business

Virtual Servers/Dedicated Servers - More power to websites

Virtual servers and dedicated servers have a much higher specification for running the most demanding of websites. These websites are typically generating 10000’s of visits a month, are ecommerce and require extra power for databases. Our virtual and dedicated servers include full daily backups with options for more often. We only provide managed virtual and dedicated servers to our clients again to maintain the integrity of our network.

Every visitor from everywhere should have the same highspeed experience

Content Delivery Network - Worldwide Speed

ICBIG has content delivery servers in the UK, Canada (east/west), New Zealand and Italy. We manage our own content delivery network (CDN) for our clients that can provide fast content delivery of all static files to the countries you want to target. This will speed up your website even for your most distant visitor. This is a lower cost alternative and a better option for small visitors using the likes of google, azure or amazon CDN’s as the cost is a fixed price per month. Easy to implement and updates are pushed live within minutes.

When your team is out the office they should still be part of the business

CRM Cloud solutions for Small Business

Cloud CMS solutions can be very costly for small businesses. Generally, they are priced per month (30£/user/month and more) OR they are free BUT severely limited in functionality. So, we at ICBIG decided that was just too much and we needed to do something about it.

Enter SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM is a full featured cloud CMS that can help run your business. We provide this solution to all businesses with up to 15 users for a set fee every month of only £20. Basically, for less than a cost of a single user, your business, home staff, remote workers and salesman on the road, could all be working from the same CMS. For more than 15 users we can add them for you in groups of 5, 10, 20 or 50 users. For more on SuiteCRM, click here.