E-commerce is about making sales. Simple.

Getting E-commerce Right

Great design is a crucial part of a successful e-commerce website. Easy navigation with high quality images and content will put you ahead of your competition. Your e-commerce website should be appealing and easy to use and buy from.

Why make visitors work to buy your products???

We at ICBIG build your e-commerce website with one goal. Make your e-commerce store a success and achieve the maximum amount of sales as possible. Crass, but true.

Your website should be doing all the selling. So make it look amazing.

Showcase, Funnel, Sell

We will create a website that both show cases your company online and funnels all traffic through to sales. We take the time to analyse all your potential avenues for business and give them different routes to the same end goal…a purchase from your ecommerce store.

Minimise Cart Abandonment and Increase Sales Per Visitor

Attract Visitors, then Convert To Sales

All our e-commerce solutions are designed to minimise exits from your website and also deter cart abandonment. It may look great having all those extra fields and fancy slide in options on your cart page, but it is probably losing business for you. Complicated checkouts are the number one cause of cart abandonment. You need to get all the information you need, but keep the experience simple and easy. We build full tracking into every solution, so you don’t NEED to ask how they found you, the tracking will show you.

Open Source E-commerce Platform or Bespoke Build

We will help you choose the best option for your business.