Every Page Should Be A Home Page

Multi Entries to your website - Landing Pages

Landing pages have become a necessary part of ANY website strategy. Because of the way search engines work, your home page will not necessarily be the first page your visitors see. If clicking a link in a search engine, they will first see the most relevant page on your website for their search. Landing pages mean that search engines will (more than likely) present the BEST page on your website to the visitor showcasing the term they have searched for. Like a home page for that key term or product.

Choosing the right Landing Page. Know where your visitors land.

Prioritise Your Landing Pages

You know you need a landing page, but to focus on what? We can help you decide this. If you have a primary few products or services then these should definitely be included. We can also look at your traffic to see where people are finding your website and which pages they are landing on. Then we literally know which your landing pages are. We will help you select the best options for your business.

Design Each Landing Page for the Target Demographic of THAT Service or Product

Design Landing Pages on Customers

After talking to you about your product/service and your business, we will design landing pages to target your marketing demographic and convert visitors to leads or sales.

Designs are modern and fully responsive on all media types (mobile, tablet, PC and TV) . We use different layouts to increase visitor engagement and retention while focusing on the targeted action of the page. Each landing page MUST be a professional and perfect representation of your business online and present itself in a way to do your business proud.

We create landing pages to attract people, search engines and traffic, then use them to generate business through active action engagement.