Website Development - Simplicity, Speed & Security

Our philosophy when developing your website is to keep our Triple-S goal at the centre of our mind. SSS = Simplicity, Speed & Security

Choosing the best option for YOUR business

After you talk to the design team

After we have sat down with you to go over the needs and strategies of your online business venture or website design, our website development team takes the lead on making it a reality. Because we are not JUST a PHP OR .net developer, we are able to choose the best software or solution (like WordPress or Umbraco for opensource solutions), or we can create a complete bespoke system dependant on your business needs.

Built With Security in mind.

Website Security is the Key to Visitor Trust

All ICBIG website and internet solutions are built with security in mind. Our websites are designed to be robust and secure ensuring your business information STAYS your business information. We use higher than recommended security protocols and the coding is quadruple checked to ensure all bugs are removed. As a final measure, we have another dev team member NOT working on the website try to hack the website and test it for vulnerabilities. If we are working with software or an opensource CMS like WordPress or Umbraco, we include all patches and security updates as standard.

Look to the Future, Build for today

Ready for the Future & Today

We look to the future AND today. Which means not only do we ensure code, database and quality, your website can be upgraded in the future easily, we also make sure that even though it is using the highest standards, technology and methodology available right now, it is also backwards compatible with older browsers.

Linux Vs Microsoft …. the eternal debate

Which One is Better? Linux or Microsoft?

There is no clear ‘better’ one for every business, though there is the best for your business. We build the best solution for your business. We will not push one technology over another. Different businesses require different solutions. Both Linux (PHP/Apache/MySQL) and Windows Server (.net/IIS/MSSQL) have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the scenario your business needs. Talk to us and we will be happy to explain it to you.