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ICBIG is a media and marketing agency based in the UK and NZ. We have three main divisions (web, media & marketing) which work separately & together to create well rounded solutions that work for your business.

We have been doing it successfully since 2002 and we plan on doing it for many more. So contact us and join the ICBIG family of businesses. Working together to ensure a future.

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ICBIG serves a HUGE range of businesses of every size and from every sector. From luxury villas to garage equipment companies and immigration agencies to local karate schools EVERY business regardless of size or location gets the same personal service and attention to their marketing or business needs. Some do not want to grow, they just want to be steady. Others want to grow and expand into new areas or territories. With serving businesses in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, and France, we have the experience and reach to help you achieve your business goals…anywhere, any size.

ICBIG has been working with Liftmaster since 2005. We have been a solid part of the company’s growth and expansion from South Eastern Tools to the powerhouse in the industry it is today. We help with its 7 different brands not only through websites, but also marketing pushes, product launches and lead generation for its distributed workforce, which we are also now helping to increase due to COVID-19. Liftmaster GE uses many of our company’s diverse talents and we are proud they have selected us to help them expand into mainland Europe.

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Villa Marae in the Heart of Tuscany, is a luxury villa and holiday home we have been working with since 2018. We have been helping Villa Marae reach the luxury market in countries all over the world. Starting with a new website and social media redesign, we now provide a direct marketing campaign and remarketing campaign to subscribers and their social network base. With the two new projects started in 2021, cooking school and olive grove, we are helping them reach an even wider audience and increase brand loyalty.

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Brazolot Migration Group approached ICBIG Marketing (when we were known as ICBusiness) in 2014 with a request to help them target UK clients and compete with locally based agencies. We had to overcome a leaning of potential clients to use local businesses. We focussed on the “local” of Canadians actually being in Canada. It worked. It worked well. Recently we have been helping them create the new “Canada you CAN Go!” webinar series and transitioning them to online expo’s due to the onset of Covid-19 and reaching even more people.

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Hertford Karate school in Bayford, Hertfordshire is a local karate club that just needed a website and something simple for its members and to attract new members. They are a great little club that provides a well needed part of the community. Although no great budget, as with all local clubs, we were proud to help them create a new website and provide social media branding for them. With the onset of COVID-19 we are also giving advice on how to take their lessons online. We like to help local clubs, so contact us and we will help get you online.

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EVERY client at ICBIG has a dedicated account manager with a direct line, they know you, they know your business, they take ownership of every job and they want your business to succeed.


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