ICBIG Media.... The new way of online

ICBIG Media is a new (2019) division of ICBIG. In the new world of online first, ICBIG media is providing niche online gateways, directories and portals to the world.

ICB Media Directories & Portals

ICBIG Media – Your gateways to the world. Our media division is focused on creating niche portals and directories for all manner of clients and markets around the world. Stemming from our marketing team needing a new way to reach potential customers, our media division has grown to now provide over 20 niche directories and portals for a range of businesses to list FOR FREE to help them be seen by the right people.

ICBIG - Developing the future

ICBIG Media was ahead of the game! We knew a while ago that the internet is simply TOO BIG! It is all too easy to get lost in search engines like Google. Small businesses just cannot compete with large corporates, likewise customers get sick of scrolling through NO different options. The obvious solution for both customer and business alike, was to give them a place to meet by way of niche portals and directories.

SECURE Solutions for Business & Customer

Security and GDPR as a focus – Your information is important

A BIG part of ICBIG Media’s planning was insuring our commitment to your online security and the safety of your information. We not only meet, we exceed the requirements asked of for GDPR …. we have paranoia too…. or is that intelligence.

ICBIG Media – Bringing the world to your internet device.