Business in the cloud and beyond

BIG SOLUTIONS for small business

A Company dedicated to Small & Medium Business

ICBIG is a UK based company dedicated to delivering BIG solutions for small business. Our ethos is small is beautiful, and we love dealing with SMB’s so much so, we actually have a MAXIMUM employee size of any client to make it easy for us to stay focussed on the little guy. We also do not provide personal blogs or websites as this allows us to focus on our core demographic of small to medium businesses.

Modern Business Solutions – Old School Service

Service You Deserve (remember that?)

Our service ethos is “no matter how big we get we will ALWAYS give the friendly service you expect from a small business; personal friendly, prompt, reliable and dependable.” Or to use one of the oldest sayings in the book. Treat others how you want people to treat you. It’s simple really.

One of the greatest selling points of our company was a comment by one of our clients.

“I like them because although they are all geeks, they don’t use that interweb mumbo jumbo with me”.

Made us chuckle, but it did paraphrase what we like to achieve. We give you the most advanced solution, that gives your business the best chances in the modern age and beyond, while dealing with you in human, friendly understandable language. We don’t want to just give you the best solution possible, we want to build a relationship into the future. That future is built on trust, and you can’t trust us if you don’t understand us!

So drop us an email, give us a call, start up a skype call or pop in for a tea (or coffee if you are so inclined) and have a chat to us about how to make your business a success online.